What people say about John…

Senator John Albers has been a leader in the state senate and partner as we made Georgia the #1 place to do business for the past five years, fully funded education, lowered the income tax, reformed criminal justice and invested in our future. – Governor Nathan Deal

John is an outstanding man of integrity with a heart to serve whether as a first responder or in public service as a member of the Georgia State Senate. His support of initiatives to grow businesses and jobs in Georgia shows he cares about the success and quality of life of all Georgians. I fully support and endorse Senator John Albers. John Gibson, CEO, Tripwire Interactive.

It’s rare that I have to call on an elected officials but I’ve done so with mixed results over the years.  I’ve had to call on Senator Albers twice in the past two years to advocate on my behalf.  I can tell you that Senator Albers is a representative and not a politician.  When you call on Senator Albers he acts quickly, and provides representation for his constituents in the truest sense of the word.  He’s a wonderful asset to the citizens of our community. – Roman & Laura Figurilli 

I have known John for over a decade . He has gone to bat for his community and served the citizens with honor and devotion. He is a true friend and Patriot. -Robert M. Licata, M.D.

I have known John for 10 years.  As a volunteer for CASA — Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused children, I was asked by our leaders to visit key Congressional leaders known for getting thing done.  John seemed very busy, but he met immediately with me and was so kind and open. I have no idea how he could be a better and caring servant of the Georgia public. -Tom Boyle, Roswell

My experience over 50 years of being represented by State, local and National elected officials has never been better than the support, accomplishments and communications of actions and issues done by Senator John Albers.  I know of no one, who in political representation delivers as much within his area of responsibility.  Thanks. -Kent & Judy Miller

It has been my pleasure working with Senator John Albers both in the community and under the gold Dome he has been steadfast and supporting education veterans and Children’s Healthcare I thank him for his service to our community and state.  – Roger Wise

“I am a seasoned litigator and have known John for several years both personally as a fellow Rotarian, and also professionally as a ‘go-to’ civil servant.  Where the law sometimes breaks down or fails to address the problem at hand, John has proved himself to be a selfless, tireless, and bold advocate always seeking to do what is right even in the face of adversity, seemingly impossible odds, and strong opposition. I consider him a friend and honored colleague who gets results.” – Kurt R. Hilbert, Esq.

I have known John Albers since 2009 when he first ran for State Senate. He isn’t your typical politician.  He gets to know his constituents and supports them.  John’s commitment to those with disabilities (and their families) and giving them a voice at the Capitol has been so appreciated.  In addition, he has fully supported childhood cancer research and awareness.  I can’t think of a better person and friend to continue to represent the community on issues that matter. – Heidi J. Moore, Parent Advocate for Individuals with Disabilities and Childhood Cancer Research 

For the ten years that I have known John, he has shown himself to be a man of integrity rooted in faith, family, and community.  He’s always accessible and gives his all in whatever he undertakes.  I have voted for him each time he has run and will do so again this November.   – Chris Pike

An elected government official like Senator John Albers whom I have known personally for several years is a rare jewel in our State. He has played a pivot role in presenting and sponsoring numerous legislative bills in our State Capitol that has improved our quality of life as citizens of Georgia. Senator Albers has the support of my entire family and I, as well as regional members of our organization. -Rev. Neville Billy, regional coordinator National Day of Prayer.

I have know John Albers for over 20 years….as a neighbor, a friend, and my senator.  On a number of occasions I have asked for John’s help on an issue involving Georgia Criminal Reform.  Each and ever time, he has responded in a timely and professional manner with a positive direction to assist my need.  Being responsive is a key ingredient to hold the position that John has been in and he has my vote. -Ron Langenbrunner

My husband and I have known John for about 14 years.   He has shared our concerns (and acted upon them) specifically regarding issues involving education, the elderly and small business.  As parents, residents of Georgia and small business owners, we know that we can call upon Senator Albers and he will hear our concerns.  He is a family man with strong values and communicates and carries out his work in a professional and ethical way – while still taking a stand on important issues.  This is quite unusual (and refreshing!) for the political environment these days.   We fully support and endorse Senator John Albers.  – Lisa and Mario Muchado

“Senator Albers is a faithful conservative, a friend to small business men and women, a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, and an ally of law enforcement, military, and first responders.  He represents my family’s interests capably.  He’ll be getting our votes in November. – Mark and Pat McGreevey

My husband and I first met John in the fall of 2010 while he was campaigning for Senate seat 56.  We have found John to be an excellent advocate for his constituency.  John fights for lower taxes, local improvement of businesses and schools all while working with county, state and city systems and others across the aisle..  On a personal level, John has been receptive to our questions and provides answers!   It is without hesitation that Vernon and I support John Albers!  – Kathy Starr

I have known John for some time and we attend the same Church. He is an advocate for Fulton County Taxpayers, and conducted Town Hall Meetings to solicit public feedback regarding a proposed 70% tax increase; successfully repealing it. He created a bill limiting future property tax increases to 3% a year as well as authoring a Bill to provide a real estate tax credit for senior citizens. As a used car dealer, I appreciate John’s involvement in restructuring a recent tax bill designed to penalize used car dealers. John is responsive, sensitive to the issues of his constituents and gets things done! I fully support and endorse Senator John Albers. -Jim Gebhardt

After a business association with John, I was anxious to support him when he ran for Senator because of his integrity. His dedication to the State of Georgia is obvious, not only in his accomplishments for our state, but also his willingness to listen to and act upon the concerns of citizens. Our family has experienced that first hand. We proudly support him for re-election. – Diane & Larry Dean

Senator John Albers has the integrity to do the right thing and does not hesitate to take on the tough issues. Simply stated, “he makes things happen.” I strongly support John who is a tireless worker with a passion for his responsibilities as a Senator. – Ron Wallace

I have known John for several years.  In my prior business I had a problem with a state agency.  John and his staff were life-savers dealing with this issue, which was very time sensitive for the continuation of our business.  John is accessible and is always quick to respond to requests.  I admire his community involvement and commitment to Rotary, his job as senator, his volunteer work as a firefighter, his example as a husband and father and his continual presence in the Roswell community. -Steve Corder

It is my Pleasure to Endorse my good friend Senator John Albers for re-election. I have know John for 15 years as a Co-Founder of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation. I was a Reserve Police Officer while John chose the Firefighter route.  John is a wonderful Public Service volunteer and has donated his time and energy to serve our North Fulton area community. Let’s keep John working to improve our Great Community and State! – Phil Baldwin

Over the years we’ve gotten to get to know each other. If we was to sum up your relationship with not only us but all your other constituents — we think your a ‘HIT’. You exude Honesty, Integrity and most of all Tenacity. We appreciate your service to our communities– Dennis & Cheryl FitzGerald

“In the 14* years I have known John he has been the moral compass that has led our scout troop, our students and our families. His unwavering faith and upstanding character makes him the perfect role model for our community. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Senator John Albers.” ~ Suesan Phillips

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies WHITIN US.”.  This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson comes to mind in our thoughts of John Albers, our longtime friend who represents us and many seniors like us who realize faith, patriotism, wisdom and caring heart as a beacon of light in a dark world.  Our votes, prayers for you and your family are for you John, and others like you to represent us. May God continue to Bless you and your family. – Lynne & Zac Henderson

As a native Georgian and long-time Roswell resident, it has been my pleasure to be represented in the Georgia State Senate by Senator John Albers.  I first met John four years ago when our neighborhood had difficulties with a state created entity.  He and his office were communicative, swift, and understanding.  We love his active involvement in the community, and the way he always acknowledges our communications with his office.  His legislative actions dealing with property taxes, public safety organizations, and families with Autistic children have been amazingly helpful.  I am proud to vote again for Senator John Albers! – Ian Neil Matthes, Esq.

“I have had the honor of serving alongside Senator John Albers as a firefighter since 2007. John not only demonstrates the courage and teamwork it takes to selflessly protect and serve but John demonstrates a servants heart as a State of Georgia Senator. John continues to lead initiatives for  the fire service to protect and improve the benefits to firefighters across Georgia.”  – Keith Sanders

It would be an honor to endorse the hardest working person in the State Senate. We are well represented by your efforts and appreciate all you do for the citizens of Mountain Park. Good luck in the upcoming election and I know you will win. – Mayor Jim Still, Mountain Park

John Albers is a family man, business person, and community leader that has been our friend for over 10 years. He has demonstrated the type of principles and integrity that we should all value in those that strive to serve us. We fully support and endorse Senator John Albers. -John and Michelle McCorkle

Senator Albers has without exception been a staunch supporter of North Fulton County and Georgia at large.. very responsive to all issues brought to him by Constituents and notably most recent creating the opportunity for us to Vote this November to cap the real property annual tax assessments – which is a Major accomplishment. Thank You! – Curt Foster

I have known, worked with and supported John for many years.  As such, I have observed (first hand) him to be an excellent husband and father, man of faith, successful businessman, leader in the community and accessible elected official who constantly strives to serve and improve the lives, education and commerce of his constituency.  I am honored to have been a supporter since his first campaign in 2010, witnessed him remain the same humble and energetic public servant he was eight years ago and proud to call him a true friend and my State Senator! – Mike Cranford