United We Stand

The National Anthem is played at sporting events, holidays, festivals, political events and military bases throughout the country and the world. When it is played, it signifies our independence, support for the military, first responders and the privilege we have to be living in the greatest country in the world. For most, the Star Spangled Banner is chill inducing and brings pride to those who hear it. However, for a select few our anthem is a way to protest current events and political agendas. I do not agree and condemn this foolishness. For me, it is an honor to stand with pride and put my hand on my heart in support of the anthem, the men and women who risk their lives daily for our freedom and this great nation.

Those who do not have respect for the anthem are disgracing our flag and accomplishing nothing. The media outlets and press who sensationalize it are just as bad. These acts do not unite our country. By disgracing our flag in such a senseless manner they are dishonoring those who gave up their lives and those who fight each and every day to protect you and your family. We live in the land of the free because we are the home of the brave.

I know most Americans disavow these actions. The courage and sacrifices of those who served in uniform endure, along with their families, enable others to live out their dreams. Those protecting our nation do not make millions or enjoy lavish life styles. Each of them put their life in danger without hesitation for perfect strangers.

I challenge the National Anthem protestors as well as those protesting the police to enlist in a uniformed service or become a public servant and learn what it means to be a patriot. They might then realize what commitments and scarifies these men, women and their families make for freedom and liberty.

In our country, we have the privilege of enjoying freedom of expression; but it should not come at the expense of real heroes. Freedom of speech should be used constructively, not to incite criminal behavior or creating division which is often irresponsibly sensationalized by the media. Even the most uninformed have these rights and should remember that we have the right to stop dignifying their positions and actions.

I hope the great silent majority will speak up and not tolerate a lack of patriotism. Our military and first responders deserve more and we must do better. It is time we stand together, united as one in support of our flag, our nation and those who protect us. It is time to drop all of the labels and be Americans. God Bless America.