The Drake House Awarded Funding from Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) Program

Sen. John Albers is happy to announce that The Drake House located in Roswell, Georgia was awarded funding from the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program which is administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

“I commend The Drake House for all of their hard work in our local community,” said Sen. Albers. “It is great to see that DCA recognized their contribution to ending homelessness by awarding them this necessary funding. While our area is experiencing a lot of economic growth and opportunities, we must not forget the most vulnerable in our communities. I look forward to working with DCA, The Drake House and other organizations like it to bring additional funding and services to our citizens who are most in need.”

The Drake House was awarded $49,800 to assist with the management of their emergency shelter. The funding will go towards providing housing and services to the homeless population in Roswell and surrounding areas, specifically single female households.

The Emergency Solutions Grants Program “provides street outreach, emergency shelter, rapid re-housing, homelessness prevention, and related services to persons experiencing homelessness or in danger of becoming homeless throughout the state.” Additionally, the funding from the program can be used to help those living with HIV in the service area. There are two main contributors for the program funding – the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Commission (HTF) and the Federal Housing and Urban Development ESG Program.

For more information about DCA and the Emergency Solutions Grants Program, visit https://dca.ga.gov/safe-affordable-housing/homeless-special-needs-housing/emergency-solutions-grants.