Sen. John Albers Hosts Job Creators Network Day

Sen. John Albers sponsored Senate Resolution 980 which proclaims February 22, 2016 as Job Creators Network Day at the state capitol. SR 980 recognizes Job Creators Network for their work with legislators to advocate for free enterprise and innovation.

“It was a privilege to honor Job Creators Network at the Capitol today,” said Sen. Albers. “This outstanding organization ensures that employers and employees are educated about the values of free enterprise and policymaking. This is essential to the foundation and growth of businesses and innovation in Georgia and around the nation.”

Sen. Albers was joined by Alfredo Ortiz, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Job Creators Network. “The Job Creators Network thanks the Georgia Senate for making February 22nd “Job Creators Network Day” in our great state of Georgia,” said Alfredo Ortiz. “Along with recognizing our work to defend the opportunity economy, we ask that you recognize how overtaxation and overregulation are threatening small businesses, the engine of American job and economic growth, and work with us to develop real solutions to revitalize the American Dream.”

Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs who focus on empowering individuals through public policy education. The organization provides tools and education to employers so that they can inform their employees about the values of free enterprise and effective policymaking. They strongly believe that every employee has the right to empower themselves through information on public policy and the right to make their own decisions. Bernie Marcus, a Georgia entrepreneur, philanthropist and cofounder of the Home Depot, is the co-creator of Job Creators Network and works with Mr. Ortiz and others to grow the goals and missions of this great organization.