Sen. John Albers Honors Firefighters and Commends Agencies for Preparation during Weekend Festivities

Sen. John Albers sponsored Senate Resolution 71 which designates February 5, 2019, as Firefighters Recognition Day in the Georgia Senate. SR 71 honors the 600 fire departments, 2,200 stations and over 25,000 firefighters who go above and beyond to protect their fellow Georgians.

“It is always a joy to recognize my fellow firefighters across the state of Georgia,” said Sen. Albers. “We are so proud of the work we have done in this body in passing transformational legislation to help out firefighters who may get cancer during their time of service, as well as helping to ensure that we have the proper support, training and benefits for them. We will call upon this body this year to do even more to make sure our firefighters are taken care of so they can continue to keep the people of Georgia safe.”

Sen. Albers was accompanied by the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs as well as the President of the Georgia State Firefighters Association David Bullard, who awarded Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan with the Firefighters Association Senate Legislative Award.

Sen. Albers also recognized the success of Georgia’s public safety community during the weekend festivities in Atlanta, thanking all of the law enforcement agencies that played a role in an enjoyable and safe event.

“While most of us enjoyed the weekend by watching the game with family and friends, there was an army of people out there making sure we were safe,” said Sen. Albers. “I want to thank all of those who were in service to us, working around the clock. None of these folks had a day off on Sunday, and on behalf of the Senate body, we thank them.”