Sen. John Albers Commends Donations of iPads to Veteran Organization

Sen. John Albers along with Shawn Hanley, founder and CEO of Green Veterans in Roswell, Georgia, commends Exide Technologies for donating iPads to veterans.

“I want to sincerely thank Shawn and Exide Technologies for their continued support of veterans,” said Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell). “The donation of iPads to our heroes may seem like a small gesture but it is truly life-altering for these men and women. With the growing use of technology in all industries, the abilities these devices create extend beyond recreational purposes. These iPads can open the door for access to certain health care methods, job opportunities and education in addition to its recreational use. I commend Exide Technologies for their generosity and Shawn for his passion in supporting our servicemen and women and I look forward to seeing the opportunities these devices will create.”

“We are proud to partner with Green Veterans, providing 49 iPads and OtterBoxes to veterans to aid in their transition from active service to civilian life,” said Ted Becker, Executive Vice President and President, Exide Americas. “Exide Technologies supports our military veterans, recognizing the unique discipline, skills and experience they bring to the U.S. workplace. We share similar values of integrity, accountability and courage and are honored to assist our veterans through our partnership with Green Veterans. Exide has worked with Green Veterans since its founding two years ago and salutes the organization’s mission to give back to U.S. veterans who have given so much for us.”

Exide Technologies is headquartered in Milton, Georgia, where it offers stored electrical energy solutions including batteries and equipment, as well as services for transportation and industrial means. After establishing storage battery as a commercial product in 1888, the company has been servicing its products ranging from railway and security equipment to renewable energy for 130 years.

For more information, please follow this link: https://www.exide.com/en/node/1

Green Veterans is an eco-friendly, non-profit organization located in Roswell, Georgia, that offers safe disposal of old electronic equipment. The company is 100 percent veteran-owned and operated and works to refurbish and resell unwanted electronic equipment in an environmentally safe manner.

For more information, please follow this link: http://www.greenveterans.com/