Sen. John Albers Appointed as Chair of Senate Study Committee

Sen. John Albers has been appointed by Lt .Governor Casey Cagle to serve as chair of the Senate Special Tax Exemption Study Committee.

“It is an honor to be appointed the chair of this very important study committee,” said Sen. Albers. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to properly and thoroughly examine the purpose of tax exemptions in our state. It is our goal to ensure that each exemption has the potential for a Return on Investment (ROI). We will work hard to address any outdated exemptions that may hurt businesses while ensuring that exemptions that benefit Georgia’s economy and businesses, big and small, are properly utilized and promoted.”

“These study committees are invaluable resources for the legislature as we seek to build a stronger, more economically productive state – in which all Georgians are rewarded for their hard work,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “Our chairmen and committee members will thoroughly evaluate these issues to determine how the state of Georgia can maximize our potential. I am confident Sen. Albers will bring forward new ideas to build a better Georgia as we prepare for our next legislative session and beyond.”

Sen. Albers sponsored Senate Resolution 222 which creates the Senate Special Tax Exemption Study Committee. As outlined in the resolution, the committee will be comprised of six members of the Senate. Members of the study committee will work with the Department of Revenue to examine the costs and benefits of all state tax exemptions. The study committee is responsible for submitting a report of findings and recommendations, including proposed legislation, by December 1, 2017.

Follow the link below for the Lt. Governor’s press release:  https://ltgov.georgia.gov/press-releases