Update from Under the Gold Dome: Week Eight

Sometimes when we finish up our eighth week of the session it feels like we completed a marathon. With over 60 bills passing through the Senate, 33 on Crossover Day alone, last week was quite productive. Among this large group of legislation, on Monday Senate Bill 119, which I sponsored, passed unanimously. SB 119 would…


Update from Under the Gold Dome: Week Seven

As our seventh week at the Capitol drew to a close last week, things are certainly getting more hectic. We are now three days away from Crossover Day, when all Senate-originating bills must pass through our chamber to be sent to the House of Representatives, and vice-versa. Committee meetings wrapped up earlier today, with discussion…


Update from Under the Gold Dome: Week Six

This Wednesday, the Public Safety Committee passed Senate Bill 15, the “Keeping Georgia’s Schools Safe Act.” This bill is a result of the hard work of last summer’s Senate Study Committee on School Safety. I chaired this committee whose purpose was to ensure that Georgia’s most precious assets, our children, are safe when they are…