Fair Tax: A Way to Restore the American Dream

Every day thousands of people immigrate to America to pursue the American Dream; a dream of economic prosperity, success and freedom. From 1945 to the mid-1970s, productivity in the United States experienced significant growth, and middle-class Americans shared in the gains. Their earnings increased in correlation to productivity increases. Middle-class Americans were thriving and making…


Roswell Will Never Forget – Mark your calendar

The Roswell Rotary Club and City of Roswell will be hosting the annual September 11th ceremony to honor the fallen. The ceremony will be moved to the Roswell Area Park around the lake at the Mike Gann 9-11 Memorial. This year will feature the Roswell Fire & Police Honor Guard, US Coast Guard Pipe Band,…


Independence Day 2015

We celebrate America and our Independence on July 4th each year. Patriots conceived a new nation 239 years ago, becoming the beacon of freedom and liberty for the world. The United States has endured throughout history using the fundamental beliefs and words created by our founding fathers and listed in the Declaration of Independence. The…