Gold Dome Update: Sine Die

On Thursday, March 31, the Senate officially adjourned Sine Die, bringing an end to the 2021 legislative session. While a long and, in many ways, unprecedented session, the General Assembly still addressed many of the issues of most concern to our constituents and took further steps to promote health, safety and economic development as we…


Gold Dome Update: Week 9

Crossover Day has officially come and gone and the Senate is already hard at work considering the many bills that were passed over from the House. Crossover Day, like in most other years, had us debating and passing legislation well into the evening. When the gavel finally fell and signaled the end of our legislative…


Gold Dome Update: Week 8

Week eight was a busy one here in Atlanta. With Crossover Day coming up on Monday, senators have been holding longer and more frequent committee meetings to work on the best pieces of legislation and make sure they’re voted on in the chamber this week. With this deadline in mind, we managed to have the…