Legislature Suspends & What You Can Do!

Out of an abundance of caution, the legislative session has been temporary suspended. We will return to continue our work when the Lt. Governor and Speaker determine the proper time. We did complete “crossover day” on Thursday. I have an update below of the current legislative work to date.

Myself and fellow state leaders are working closely with our counterparts on the federal and local level. This includes the CDC, SBA for small business loans, Dept. of Labor for unemployment claims, schools, pubic safety and transportation.

During this unprecedented time in history, let’s do what America does best – rally and support our neighbors! Listed below are some things for you to consider and what the Albers family will be doing.

What you can do…!

There is much each of us can do during this time of changing schedules, remote working and open calendars. The most important is to follow the reasonable protocols and not panic. You can track real-time updates and best practices here:

The Albers family has a priority to support our local restaurants and businesses. Our supply chains are not interrupted, so there is no need to buy excessive groceries, gas, etc. However, we want to keep the economy moving and hard working people employed. I hope to see you somewhere in North Fulton or Cherokee grabbing a meal and buying local. A great idea for you to consider is: buy a small gift card at the restaurant and then pay it forward by giving it to the next server when you go out to eat again along with a generous tip. Keep it going and you can help our local businesses and their employees exponentially.

“The Albers top 10”

1. Going out to eat at great local restaurants & leave a generous tip
2. Offering to watch neighbors’ kids so they can work
3. Buying from our local stores
4. Spring cleaning & donations
5. Gathering canned food and dry goods for charities
6. Making donations to those in need
7. Enjoying some great family time
8. Putting down all phones and electronics
9. Playing some board games with family and friends
10. Smiling, being kind and remembering this will pass!

For those who will have time at home and with our kids it can be the beginning of spring cleaning and finding/buying items to donate to our local charities. The Albers family brings items to many good causes including:

• Foster Care Support Foundation
• Drake House
• North Fulton Community Charities
• RUMC Job Networking Closet
• Child Development Academy (CDA)
• Etc.

Thank you and blessings,
Senator John Albers & Family