Georgia Senate Passes the Georgia Measuring Success Act with Bipartisan Support

The Georgia Measuring Success Act, sponsored by Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell), passed the Senate on February 13, 2018 with a vote of 55-0.

“I am excited that my fellow members on both sides of the aisle feel as strongly about this legislation as I do,” said Sen. Albers. “The Georgia Measuring Success Act will ensure transparency and fiscal stewardship in state government, and it is truly my pleasure to bring this bill to the floor. I look forward to working with our friends in the House on the final passage of this legislation.”

Under the Georgia Measuring Success Act, or Senate Bill 378, any legislation that relates to new tax incentives or modifying existing tax incentives must undergo a thorough financial analysis by the bill’s author, in conjunction with the state auditor. Through a rigorous and responsible business case or “sunrise process”, SB 378 will enhance fiscal notes to better measure effectiveness and return on investment, in addition to the administration and results of any bill or amendment relating to tax incentives.

SB 378 is the result of a study committee chartered by Senate Resolution 222, the Senate Study Committee on Special Tax Exemption, which met over the interim. This bill is a result of the committee’s recommendation for action.