Early Voting & Election Analysis

The election on June 20th for the 6th US Congressional District is very important.  It has become a very expensive and emotional race.  However, we need to vote and with a level head and educated opinion about the candidates.

My philosophy is simple and analyzes important criteria to choose a candidate.  Specifically, I look at character, experience, and accomplishments.  I have done my homework and know the right person for the job.

Character is paramount for anyone in leadership and most especially in elected office.  I have seen one candidate inflate his resume and be given the “Pinocchio” award by the Washington Post as well as place false ads, proved by the AJC to be inaccurate.  I have known Karen Handel for many years and witnessed firsthand her character.  She has the utmost integrity and is the clear leader this category.

Experience matters and I believe a blend of business, personal and elected experience is critical.  One candidate worked as an aide (entry level position) and has no practical business experience in my opinion.  Karen Handel has served in executive positions with CIBA Vision and the accounting firm of KPMG.  In addition, Karen has overcome a challenging childhood and earned her way through life.  She has also led the largest county in the state (Fulton County Commission Chair) and served as the Georgia Secretary of State.  I cannot imagine someone more qualified and experienced than Karen Handel.

Last, but not least is accomplishments.  Some people talk the talk and others walk the walk.  This may be the most overwhelming as Karen is a leader and has successfully reduced spending, created surpluses, streamlined and reduced bureaucracy, removed burdensome regulations and has made a real difference in people’s lives.  Without a doubt, the accomplishments category goes to Karen Handel.

At the end of the day, we need to hire the best and most qualified person with our vote.  We would not hire Ossoff to lead a business serving over 700,000 people with no resume, questionable character and little experience.  We need to hire the person who can get the job done – Karen Handel.   Please join me in voting for Karen Handel and assuring she becomes our next US Representative.

Early Voting