Disagreeing without Disapproving

The Georgia General Assembly ended the 2016 legislative session by setting a record. We officially adjourned at 12:30 a.m., which is the latest adjournment time in history. We worked hard to pass legislation that will positively affect the lives of my constituents and all citizens of Georgia.

As we vetted and voted on legislation, my colleagues and I focused on doing what is best for this great state. We worked together on addressing disagreements without disapproving ideas and legislation entirely. We negotiated on politics and legislation without comprising on individual principles. Our unique principles are something that all people possess. It is important that we respect these beliefs among others as we wish them to respect our own. My caucus colleagues and I worked hard with members across the aisle to overcome divisiveness over unique principles to pass legislation that would have the best impact on all Georgians. Through respectful conversation, we were able to work through moments of frustration and disagreement. My colleagues and I realize that in order to be successful, we must come together and focus on achievements that benefit this state and not any one individual. By embracing and respecting individual principles, we all worked in a better and more focused manner.

It is important to remember that we all come from different backgrounds with different political and social beliefs so it is imperative for us to focus on facts rather than emotions when making legislative decisions. By focusing on facts, we were able to discuss legislation with courteous and open dialogue and we accomplished great things. It was critical that we stuck to truths and what was actually in the legislation instead of allowing the 24 hour news cycle or social media sensationalism to take over and drive our decisions. As I always do, I encourage my constituents to review the legislation and its facts on their own instead of relying on the opinions of others.

While we worked through the session and in the months after, it is important to me to stick to my priorities by ensuring everything I do benefits my constituents, protects liberties, grow businesses, ensure public safety and improve education for children across the state. By respecting one another and understanding the facts we are all working towards a better Georgia for everyone. I encourage our local community to take the same approach. If we come together and all work towards the same goal, to have the best community in the state, we will all achieve more.

We can disagree without disapproving and focus on common sense solutions in a professional manner. While out of session, please contact me with any ideas, concerns or questions. I am always available to hear from my constituents and to do the work of the people.