CAGLE: School Safety is a Top Priority for Georgia – Sen. Albers named Chairman

Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle announced appointments to the Senate School Safety Study Committee, charging a bipartisan group of eight senators with recommending comprehensive solutions to protect every community’s schools. During the 2018 legislative session, Lt. Governor Cagle championed legislation to prioritize the safety and security of Georgia’s children across our state. Both HB 763 and SR 935 establish robust programs designed to ensure local school systems are equipped to keep all our students safe.
“Nothing is more important than the safety of Georgia’s children, and we must do everything possible to ensure our local school systems are the safest place for our students,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “This legislation is a significant step forward in ensuring that every parent feels comfortable sending their child to school every day knowing they will be protected and secure. I have full confidence our bipartisan group of legislators will use their expertise to advance a thorough set of solutions that will be a top priority in the next session of the General Assembly.”
HB 763 creates Georgia’s Safe Schools grant program, providing criteria for $16 million in grant funding allocated to school systems across our state. This legislation also improves coordination between schools and local law enforcement while assisting schools to establish comprehensive school safety plans before the 2018 school year begins. This will include examining best practices to secure campuses and train faculty, teachers, and students to exercise emergency preparedness procedures.
SR 935 will help shape the future of the grant program, in addition to making legislative recommendations that promote the most effective school safety policies. Committee members will travel to every region of Georgia, meeting with parents, teachers, and students, identifying opportunities for improvement in school safety plans, and determining appropriate courses of action to respond effectively to potential threats.
Lt. Governor Cagle has appointed the following members to the Senate School Safety Study Committee: Chair John Albers, Vice Chair Valencia Seay, Kay Kirkpatrick, Fran Millar, Jeff Mullis, Michael ‘Doc’ Rhett, Bruce Thompson, and Ben Watson.
“This legislation is helping us assess what is best for each community and create system-wide solutions that allow students to learn in an environment where they are protected,” said Chairman John Albers. “I applaud Lt. Governor Cagle’s leadership and am confident the members of the School Safety Study Committee each will contribute specific expertise as we diligently work to bring forward solutions.”
“School safety is of the utmost importance and we must work to ensure Georgia’s schools are prepared to address any possible threat,” added Democratic Leader Steve Henson. “I’m proud of the Senate’s work on establishing Georgia’s Safe Schools grant program and look forward to the positive results that will advance as a result of this bipartisan legislative effort.”