Big Decision

Let me begin by congratulating Tom Price on being nominated as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. I am confident he will do a superb job and thankful for his continued service to our nation. This appointment will open the 6th US Congressional seat for a special election.

The past few weeks have been very exciting as I have been humbled and overwhelmed by all the calls, texts and messages of encouragement to run for Congress. I have spent considerable time prayerfully considering this important decision. For those who know me well, I rely on heavily on my faith and put my family first.

In 2009, I decided to run for the Georgia Senate with a mission to make a meaningful impact to families; and with an army of supporters, I won the election in 2010. During my tenure, I have accomplished much with passing numerous important pieces of legislation and serving thousands of constituents. I take great pride in being responsive and providing the best customer service possible. I have also been successful balancing my family and business interests during my time in office. I was re-elected in November to continue my service in the Georgia Senate; and I am grateful for your continued vote and support.

Ultimately after much prayer and insight, I have decided to choose my family without any regrets. My younger son Ryan just started high school and my role as father and husband are the most important titles a person can hold. I will continue to work hard and serve you in the Georgia Senate. While now is not my time, I will continue to look forward at future opportunities to serve my state and country.

Thank you again for believing in me and for the overwhelming encouragement and support. I am honored to serve you in the Georgia State Senate.