Gold Dome Update: Week 11

This week we convened for three legislative days and wrapped up day 38. Senate and House Committees went into the evening as committees held their final hearings on bills. The Senate took up dozens of┬ávery important measures that will have a positive impact on the way Georgians work, live and play. The Georgia General Assembly…


Gold Dome Update: Week 10

This week, we completed legislative day 35 and only have two more weeks to go until Sine Die, the last day of the legislative session. The Senate debated and passed 17 House Bills this week and Senate Committee members worked hard to vet and finalize any remaining bills assigned to their committee. On Wednesday, the…


Gold Dome Update: Week Nine

Crossover Day has come and now we are looking forward to the last 10 days of the legislative session. The Senate has begun working through the bills that the House of Representatives passed. Committees are busy vetting and considering these bills before they make it to the Senate floor for debate. As such, only a…