2017 Election Results

Elections are a profound expression of our great republic and liberty. As Americans, we should never take for granted our freedom of self-determination. Running for elected office is very difficult and I have the joys and scars of a few election cycles. Anyone who puts themselves forward to be placed on a ballot will endure a tremendous stress on themselves, families, friends and business. I respect and thank everyone who participated in the process.

Congratulations to those who won yesterday. Be magnanimous, build bridges and serve with honor. If you came up short on votes, thank you for putting yourself forward and stay involved. There are many ways to serve our community. Please call personally to concede the race and find a time very soon to meet personally with your former opponent to find common ground and work together.

Campaigns provide an opportunity for candidates to share ideas and meet citizens. The experience is exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes and all too often campaigns turn negative. It is unfortunate and typically occurs when heightened emotions become the focus. However, what binds us all together is the notion of serving other people and making a real difference. Similar to a family quarrel, we must heal our wounds quickly and move on together. After all, the goal of public service is just that – serving the public. Time to get to work!